The Brussel Buster – Briefing

The Brussel Buster- Not your average run, nor your average orienteering event! And yet still, you’ve entered! 😋 Those who ran it last year will confirm it wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of (frustrating) fun. 😜 If you’re new to the Brussel Buster then read on.

Please bring with you all the necessary required kit you need to carry, plus lots of warm clothing to get changed into afterwards. The kit you need to carry with you at all times during the run is…


Full waterproof coat and leggings.
A working compass.
A hat.
Spare insulated top.
An emergency foil bag (not just a blanket).
A good working head-torch with spare batteries.
A separate torch.
A fully charger mobile phone in a waterproof bag.


A waterproof highlighter/pen.
A clear plastic bag (to store any pages you collect).
A good sense of humour.
A good sense of direction.
A swear box!

We will be checking your kit.

Event Location

So the start and finish is at Tafarn Sinc, Rosebush. Those who haven’t been before, it’s an old historic zinc covered pub with sawdust on the floor. So, it’s fine for us muddy runners. There is limited parking outside the pub, but there’s a bigger community car park to the rear. To access this, drive past the pub to the right, and after you pass a short row of cottages/50yds, you turn sharply left down a narrow lane to access the car park. There is then a small gate between the pub and the car park, and it’s quicker to access the pub on foot via this gate. 

There is very limited parking anyway, so if you can, please car share. 

Start Times

The randomised start times are as below, please arrive at least 10 minutes before these start times as you will need to register.

RunnersStart Time
Kitty Robinson, Ollie Minton18:30
Ollie George18:31
Jon Adams, Kevin Jones, Elin Jones18:32
Glyn Drake, Phillipa Lee18:33
Louise Boorman, Gillian Jones, Deb Parr18:34
Alistair Bowen, Stephen Williams, Benedict O’Leary18:35
Polly Groom, Shelley Grandfield, Victoria Nicholls18:36
Katie Harrower, Sophie Prichard18:37
Alex Cooper, Aaron Morgans, Simon Godwin18:38
Andy Creber18:39
Alec Williams, Ben Dare18:40
Kevin Davies, Liam Phillips18:41
Kayleigh Bagshaw, Vince Bailey, Matthew Williams18:42
Philip England18:43
Wayne Evans, Ian Cooper18:45
Billy goodrick, Dave Roch18:46
Henry Castle, Joe Howells18:47
Jane Harries18:48
Guto Harries, Geraint Harries18:49
Clare Harris, Sarah Bruce18:50
Chris harris, James Harris18:51
Russ Clarke, Ainsley Corp18:52
Wayne haycocks, Amanda haycocks18:53
Dan Sheen, Karl Davies, Simon Philips18:54
Paul Lettington, Amanda Lettington, Hugh Lettington18:55
Alex Lewis, Chris Lewis18:56
Ade lewis, Anthony Evans18:57
Mark Hayward, Amy Lewis18:58
Sonia Valla, Joe Howell18:58
William Martin18:59
Warwick Williams19:00
Rachel Matthews, Margaret Kertesz19:01
Rob Hillier, Mel Miles19:02
Mel Miles, Rob Hillier19:03
Michael Monroe19:04
Mair Morgan, Lon Morgan19:05
Tim Wroblewski, Tara Wroblewska 19:06
Sion Wright19:07
Tomos O’Connor, Sean O’Connor19:08
Becky Oldfield, Olivia Draper19:09
Kelly Peat, Sonny O’Dell19:11
Eleanor Power19:12
Joel Rendell, Rhys Evans19:13
Matthew Williams, Julian Lewis19:14
Luke Smith, David Sangster19:15
Derek Spear, Naomi Sutton19:16
Anne Taylor, Jasmine Carter-Morley19:17
Kevin Upstill19:18
Bob Weston, Debbie Cranmer19:19
Hanna Nuuttila, Sayaka Fukuda19:20

The Nitty Gritty

When you arrive, you’ll need to register and pick up your wristband. The actual start will be just outside the pub. A minute or so before you actually start, you’ll be given ‘The Map’! Make use of this ‘free’ time to try and work out your intended route, mark your route on the map, and start pulling your hair out! When it’s time to go, you’ll need to dib your wristband against Tim’s timing box. 

Map & Scoring

All the book locations are all pre-marked on the waterproof map, together with a description of where the books are located, e.g. dead end track, stream crossing, etc. The map will be OS type, scale 1:25,000. You will receive your map approx 1 minute before your start time. No more, no less! When you start, you will scan your wristband, and your time starts from then. We highly recommend starting your stopwatch or make a note of the time, as you have 2 hrs to collect as many pages in that time. If you are over 2hrs, you will be penalised 1 point/page for every 5 mins over time. e.g. 11 mins over, you will be deducted 3 points/pages! Last year, one runner had -11. 😋 No names mentioned!

Here are some example scores/times.

Runner Time Books Found Time Fine Score
Sally Gunnell 1:58:00 32 0 32
Mo Farah 2:01:23 33 1 32
Debbie McGee 1:45:23 30 0 30
James Bond 2:11:55 12 3 9

Note: If two overall scores are the same, quickest time will win.

Below is last years map, and this years map will look fairly similar…….but different book locations, obvs! 😋

Book Locations

None of the books will be in the middle of a track! Some are pretty hard to find, and off the beaten track! Only a small handful will be able to be seen from the track! However, you shouldn’t need to go wading through deep brambles to get to any of them, as we have to get them into position in the first place!  

When you find a book

If and when you find a book, you tear out the page that your race number corresponds too. Eg- If you’re race number 31, tear out and collect pages 31. Simple. 😉 The books will each be inside a clear zip lock bag. When you pull out the book, please place the book back inside the bag and fold the top underneath to help prevent water getting in! 

Use of GPS

Please do not use any GPS device to assist in finding the location of the books. You may record your route on Strava, Garmin etc, but not for navigation!  

The ‘Golden books’, and ‘Non Published’ books!

Three of the books are worth 3, 4, and 5 points respectively. You won’t know where these books are situated until you reach them! These pages are marked specially, so you/we will know which ones these are. Same goes for the ‘Not Published’ book. One (or even two!), of the books out there will be worth zero points! You won’t know which one it is until you open the book Cruel we know!


We’ll scan your wristband when you finish. Please have it ready to take off as you head back to the pub. Every second counts!


These will be online as you finish. However, the scoring and points will be done as we receive your pages for re-calculation. The final result will be available on a screen inside the pub. Bring your wallet for a  beer, or two!

Postal Entries & Concessions

For information on post entries please view this page. We offer special concession rates for students and senior citizens.

If you want to raise money for our charities or your own, you can download a sponsor form here.

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