Nobbler: NUMBERS

An orienteering type thing in the woods.

No experience needed. Chaos (fun) guaranteed. 10th of March 2018.

The concept is simple:

We give you a map with 10 dots on it.
Each dot represents a flashing beach ball hanging in the woods. This dots on this map are for demonstration purposes only, you'll be given the real dot locations at the start of the race :)

Use the map to locate the beach balls. This year the balls are numbered!
Under each beach ball is a punch.

Punch the corresponding number on the map.
First runners back with the full set of (correctly) punched numbers wins!

You have 2 hours to get back, any teams back after that time are disqualified. The most efficient route to collect all stamps is around 8 miles from start to finish.

Oh and this will all be done in the DARK!

The return of a classic Nobbler event.

The perfect post Christmas target. A fun event where the route is decided by you. You enter in pairs and must run together at all time.

We give you an easy to understand map and let you free into Canaston woods. You have two hours to find as many beach balls in the woods as you can then get back to the start.

Mandatory kit

  • A torch - This is taking place in the dark, a torch will be needed!
  • A mobile phone - we will ask your number at registration
  • Suitable clothing - could be cold, could be wet

Entry is £20 per team of 2

Contact us if you want to run in teams of 3 or more, thats fine with us.

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