Event Pack – Nobbler NUMBERS 2020



The Narberth Nobbler : NUMBERS


Saturday 21st of March 2020
Town Moor Car Park, Moorfield Road, Narberth SA67 7AG


Registration will take place just before you start the event. In an attempt to minimise the risks involved with the spread of the Covid-19 virus you can come to register and start the event at any time between 6pm and 7pm. You will be asked if you agree to the terms and conditions, you will then be given your timing wristband and a map to begin the challenge after a quick briefing.

Registration will take place in a tent at the at the Moor Car Park (SA67 7AG). Nothing will be sent in the post to you, all you need will be collected at registration.


The challenge takes place in Canaston woods near Narberth. Hidden in the woods there are 9 light reflective numbers, each of which has a letter hanging from it. The challenge is to find all 9 letters, write them into the correct place on your map and get yourselves back to the start within 2 hours. At the start of the event we’ll give you a map showing where the letters are. You will need to quickly work out the quickest route (staying on the trails) and get running. The team to come back to the start with the correct total amount and the quickest time will be declared the winners. You don’t need any prior Orienteering knowledge and there will be marshals to help with directions if you need it. It’s a bit of fun in the woods. The minimum distance required to complete the challenge is 12km and you have a maximum of 2 hours in which to complete the challenge, if both team members are not back within that cut-off, it’s a whopping DNF. You must run in pairs for safety reasons. There may be wolves out in the woods too!


There will be generic race bibs, the rear of which has a form for your emergency details and any medical details. These must be filled in. These will be given to you, along with your timing wrist band at registration.


The event start is next to the Town Moor car park, postcode is SA67 7AG. If this car park is full then there is parking in the town itself and if necessary there is parking at the School as you come into town (postcode SA67 7FE). The school is approximately half a mile from the start so a good warm up… If you park in town then please park responsibly with residents in mind (and also our friends at Pembrokeshire Council Parking Enforcement)…


There are public toilets very close to the event start, though please note they charge 40p.


To protect volunteers and runners there will be no water supplied on route or at finish. Please bring your own.

We reserve the right to postpone if advised. That decision would be made at least 48 hours before.



Please remember to wear appropriate clothing for the given conditions on the day. There are a few short road sections which are open the public. Please keep on the right during the road sections as there may be cars passing. The rest of the run is in the forest on trails with plenty of muddy bits. The muddy bits will be really muddy, like properly muddy, deep muddy and not imported ‘mud lite’, proper Welsh mud, formed over centuries… If you have new trainers that need christening then this will be the day.. We advise you to carry your own liquids to stave off the dreaded cramps, it is recommended that you aim for self sufficiency.

You MUST have the following. You will not be allowed to start without them:

  • Warm and waterproof clothing and footwear appropriate to conditions
  • A torch for running (head or chest torch)
  • A charged and turned on mobile phone
  • Water and nutrition

Please remember to wear appropriate clothing for the given conditions on the day. There is always potential for rain which means you need to be prepared with warm and waterproof clothing. The woods are wet at the moment so will be muddy, proper muddy. Trails shoes recommended.

There will not be water available in the woods. You must therefore bring and carry with everything you may need from water to nutrition such as gels, energy bars or chips. It is your responsibility to be self sufficient throughout the event.


Your race bibs will be given to you at registration. Numbers must be worn on the FRONT during the run. They must not be folded and must be pinned in all four corners – please bring your own pins! You need to write your name, any medical condition(s) you may have, and an emergency contact number on the back of your race bib. Race belts are allowed provided the number is visible to the front and is not folded.


There is none… it’s self-navigation to find the check points….duh…

The course will also have a number of marshals strategically located along the way for your safety .


You have two hours to complete the challenge. Be back 2 hours after your started or you will be disqualified, quartered and fed to the wolves.


Will be available at finish but will also be mobile, in the case of any accidents on the course phone the number on the back of the race bib and if no signal alert a marshal.


If you pull out during the event, you must call and let event directors know.



All participants must stay together in their teams, any lone runners spotted by marshals or wolves will be disqualified and vilified in the local press. All racers must abide by the countryside code whilst off road and the
highway code whilst on the road sections.

All litter must be kept & disposed of once back at the events centre. Anyone spotted or caught dropping litter will be immediately disqualified from this event and all future sporting events. The countryside is beautiful & we need to keep it that way.

Remember we are sharing footpaths with other countryside users like dog walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers. Please offer common courtesy & do not barge your way past people just to get that extra millisecond in your event result. Behaviour like this could jeopardise future events and will result in disqualification if you are spotted doing so.

On route there are marshals/teams strategically placed for your enjoyment & safety. If you find you are struggling, or know of another competitor who is, please inform the closest marshal so they can communicate this to the Event Director back at HQ.

There are also 1st aid qualified safety officers on the route and an ambulance at the event start/finish. In the event that you have to withdraw from the event after registering for any reason whatsoever, you must inform the event official at the finish line. We have to account for all runners who start the event and therefore if you do not inform us of your withdrawal the emergency services may have to be involved.

On the back of your race number you will need to complete all the details including any medical conditions you suffer from. This is for your protection and your benefit so please complete. We will be inspecting race numbers and those that have not completed the details will not be allowed to start.

Due to the fact that part of the event is on roads open to traffic personal music devices are not acceptable. This is for your’s and other’s safety so anyone found breaching this rule will be disqualified and fed to the wolves.

Be ready.

Team Nobbler.

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